AAF was founded in 1986. Originally called American TheatreWorks Foundation the organization was created to support artists working in the theatre. We received our tax-exempt status in December of 1986. We are a not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3), tax-exempt organization.

We changed in 1991 when we took on the responsibility of “The Memorial for The Lost Children” a visual arts project that honored children lost to violence in America. This project was the dream of an Ohio sculptor and we decided to support it and broaden our mission to incorporate all artists. At that time the Board decided to change the name and revised the mission to:

American ArtWorks Foundation exists to support American Artists and their work.

Our Projects

We are a small organization and we intend to stay that way. We don’t have regular ongoing projects. We help artists and projects get started and then get out of their way to let them grow. Our working philosophy is to remain small and be responsive to a need when we see it. We avoid building an institution that has a bureaucracy that might keep us from responding quickly and easily to the support of an interesting artist or project.

We are all volunteers. Our Chairman acts as our Project Director and we take on projects from time to time that are identified by the Trustees. We have acted as a fiscal agent for some projects, produced others, and have sometimes only been a cheerleader for a talented artist.


Projects that we have sponsored over the years include:

The Canadian and British productions of SMILE, Chaplin... The One Man Band.”

The Tracey McKee Fund established to support the talented Artist.

Imagination’s Home Project, A collaboration w/PNN (Prison News Network) at Marion Correctional Institution, Marion, Ohio.

The Memorial to Our Lost Children, Now a continuing project of Art for a Child’s Safe America Foundation in Columbus & Cincinnati, Ohio.

The New Media Institute, a project based in Los Angeles, that focuses on training youth in the new music of hip-hop and the new media forms associated with this bright new music.

Matthew Gregor performance and photographic exhibits in Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio.

The Ohio Playwrights Circle, a learning project for Ohio Playwrights.

City Arts Center,  22 East Winter, Delaware Ohio, a new artists center serving Central Ohio.

Board of Trustees

Dr. Robert L. Brandt

Timothy J, Bridwell

Sena F. Dixon

Michael M. London

Trustee At Large
Suanne M. Goings

If you would like to donate your time or expertise to assist with a project or if you would like to donate funds, please contact the Chairman at: michael@londonhousepublishing.com

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